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RealAleNet - the real ale network

Welcome to RealAleNet, the real ale network. Our raison dtre is primarily to promote Real Ale in the UK, but there is also an element of touching the lives of beer drinkers worldwide.

There are a number of sites that come under the Realalenet umbrella. They include:
  • Realalenet where you are now.
  • Realalenews a gathering of UK real ale news snippets from the interweb.
  • Realaleblog a fanzine for the real ale drinker.
  • Goog-ale The real ale search engine.
Whilst this is predominantly a real ale site, beer in general does get a mention from time to time.

What is real ale?

So exactly what is Real Ale?
Real ale is beer that is brewed using ale yeast, and which undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle or cask in which it is stored. It is a quality living food product made from malted barley, hops, water, yeast and sometimes-other flavouring ingredients like fruit or herbs. It is living because live yeast is still present and the fermentation continues in the vessel it is contained in up to the point at which it is served. The yeast remains in the container as sediment and is not dispensed into the glass. This process ensures that the ale in the glass is a fresh and natural food product.
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Real ale thought of the moment
When was the last time you went to the pub?
Pubs are struggling at the moment, and if you don't use them you'll lose them!
Remind yourself of some of the best pubs in your area. Call in for a swift half on your way home or try a night out in a pub again - you might be pleasantly surprised.

For more real ale thoughts visit the RealAleBlog now.

Jobs in the brewing industry

For a selection of the latest jobs in brewing why not visit this site? Your next job could well be there!

Beer Industry Press Releases

One of our newer information resources is the real ale news blog containing press releases put out by breweries, pubs and real ale related organisations. Its all part of our ongoing commitment to bring you as much news and information about the UK real ale scene as possible. If you have any info or a press release that you would like to send to us we'd be happy to here from you. Also see our press releases.

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If you want to keep up with whats happening at RealAleNet then why not join our mailing list. We promise not to bombard you with loads of e-mails. We just plan to mail out when we have something relevant or important to say. Click here.